Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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1. [BOM] has a "No Multi-Clanning rule ". This means that if you belong to another clan that [BOM] has a division for, you MUST quit that clan, or quit the [BOM]. No exceptions!


2. All members are expected to show a good attitude while they are representing the clan. Good attitude also includes no fighting with other [BOM] members while in public, and also the use of racial comments will be strictly off limits. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination from the clan.


3. New members will be on a 30-day tryout period. If any Founder/Clan Admin/Leader does not think you are [BOM] material, it will be brought to the attention of your Clan Leaders, with the potential that you may be out of the clan.

4. Founders/Clan Leaders will decide all promotions in rank. Founders/Clan Leaders will make all necessary changes to the roster. Your promotion is not effective until it is Approved by Founders.


5. RANK. Many members work hard to move up in rank. So there will be a strict chain of command.



6. Any insubordination to a Founder/Clan Leader/Clan Admin will be grounds for demotion or dismissal from the clan. The affected Officer role will decide this.


7. If you are removed from the clan for any infractions of these rules you will never be allowed to return to the clan.If you leave on your own on good terms, You may be allowed to return to the clan ONE TIME ONLY, upon approval of the Founders of the clan. You will lose ALL rank, resulting in the returning rank of Member.


8. These rules will be strictly enforced by the leaders of the clan. Any questions, please feel free to ask your Founders/Clan Leadership .

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